Science Products

Adaptive Technology for the Blind

and Vision Impaired

CAPTEK/SCIENCE PRODUCTS has a 50-year history of adapting an extensive array of items for use by the vision impaired. Our focus has always been on innovation, quality, and service. In recent years our specialty has become voice adaptation of digital displays, but we continue to investigate other creative ways to make equipment accessible through touch and sound.

Our knowledgeable Customer Service and Technical staff members have in-depth experience and are available to discuss problems or needs with users or prospective users of our products.

CAPTEK products are used by the vision-impaired in all fifty states, Canada and many foreign countries. We specialize in adapting quality products not otherwise available to the vision impaired.

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONS are a significant part of our business. If you have a special product that needs to be adapted for a vision impaired person, we will appreciate an opportunity to quote.