All RETAIL/FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT is voice adapted for easy use by the vision impaired. Adaptation does not interfere with operation as originally intended by the manufacturer.

CAPTEK has more than 50 years of experience adapting equipment for use by the vision impaired. If you don't find the item you're looking for, call to discuss your needs.

Most Master Vendor Items include either custom programming or installation/training. There is therefore a restocking fee charged on items returned for credit or refund.

Spec sheets available on request for most items.


CAPTEK will reconfigure and reprogram the Cash Register Keyboard in lieu of on-site installation and training.

   The cost of providing on-site assistance with installation and training has increased significantly in some areas of the country and we have had to pass extra costs along to our customers. As an alternative, CAPTEK can ship registers fully programmed and ready to use.

20 Departments expandable to 50

Transaction Voice Review

Dual Tape

Thermal Printer

Dealer Installation

Audible Digital or pdf instructions

    e-mailed on request


All Captek Voice Adapted registers have raised keys, voice on/off switch, and talking journal reports.  The displays have green LED lighted digits which are 3/8 inch by 5/8 inch, which may help low vision operators.  The cash registers are supported by local dealers who can help with installation/training and provide supplies such as paper tape. Prices include installation unless otherwise stated. Restocking fee applies.

CASH REGISTER PERIPHERALS Shipping/Handling included unless otherwise stated

#1396 RETAIL SCALE $834.00

Weight of item is automatically translated into pricing in the cash register display.

#8962 BAR CODE SCANNER $1030.00

The scanner plugs into the cash register, and the multi directional beam finds the bar-code easily.  The first time an item is scanned, the register asks for price and department.  After the price is stored in memory, it is automatically recalled. If assistance is needed to scan start-up inventory into the register, or for additional training, arrangements can be made through a local dealer at additional cost.


Can be connected to the SHARP 520 to dispense change automatically.


Can be used only with the SHARP 520 register. Data Cap Terminal should be purchased through the local installing dealer, who will provide the terminal, the programming for the terminal, instruction to the user, and price. The Data Cap will accept credit cards only (no key pad for debit card) and speaks through the register voice. It delivers tender information directly the the register and is therefore highly efficient. The Hypercom (described above) requires the user to enter the tender into the register after receiving the approval code for the credit card. The Hypercom accepts debit or credit cards.

*Note: The A410 and 520 Cash Registers have two ports. One port is used for the spoken journals, leaving only one port for a peripheral. If the spoken journals are not required, the second port may be used for an additional peripheral.



#8696 TRIPPLITE Power Conditioner $200.00

We recommend cash registers operate from a dedicated 110v circuit (nothing else operating on that fuse or breaker). Noise may be caused by other appliances on the circuit, such as microwaves, coffee makers, meat slicers, refrigerator or freezer. If a dedicated circuit is not available, The Power Conditioner may be used to filter noise from the line to prevent register malfunction. 

#8621 1-Yr Maintenance on Talking Cash Register (410, 520): $360.00

       **This is the usual cost for a one-year warranty extension/maintenance agreement. However, in some cities where high traffic congestion and parking fees increase costs, the prices may be higher. Call for confirmation.

#8699 100 Rolls A440 CR Paper Tape   $97.00

#8700 100 Rolls 1-3/4” 450T CR Thermal Tape   $160.00

#8701 50 Rolls 2-1/4” 520 CR Thermal Tape   $97.00

#8933 Extra Till (drawer insert)   $88.00

#1382 CVACR520

Standard warranty: 90-day on-site.

$2990.00 S/H incl

#1482 CVACRA520**

Deluxe warranty: Full year on-site.

$3350.00** S/H incl

20 Departments expandable to 50

Dual Tape

Thermal Printer

Dealer Installation

Audible Digital or pdf instructions

    e-mailed on request


#1330 CVACCT7+ Credit Card Terminal  

Standard warranty: one year factory. 

$1995.00* S/H incl

Scan debit or credit card or enter numbers in the keypad. Information in the display is spoken through the Captek voice system. Restocking fee applies.

Price includes download and testing of application from the credit card service company. You may supply a Hypercom T7+ terminal with application downloaded for a $200.00 credit.


company is used. Merchant’s Warehouse serves nationwide, cooperates with our technical staff, and welcomes new accounts. After one unit is purchased at full price, additional units using the same service company and application will be discounted by $100.00.

A discount of $100.00 is offered to those using Merchant’s Warehouse as their credit card service company. Because application software varies from one service company to another, custom software is necessary when a different

Peripheral Options:  

     *Coin Changer   *Bar Code Scanner   *Scale   *DataCap   *Computer Connection

Peripheral Options:   *Bar Code Scanner    *Scale    *Computer Connection

The CVACR520 is a sophisticated high capacity cash register. It has the same features as the A410, plus it can be used with a DataCap credit card terminal (see below) or a Coin Changer. With the optional coin dispenser, change is easily made without counting. The voice journals use one of the two peripheral ports, as with the 410, so only one peripheral can be connected without programming issues. Dealer set-up and nominal training are included in the price.

#1381 CVACR410

Standard warranty: 90-day on-site

$3320.00 SH incl

#1481 CVACR410**

Deluxe warranty: Full year on-site.

$3680.00 S/H incl

The Captek Voice adapted ER A-410 is a high capacity cash register which can be used with a peripheral device (Barcode scanner OR Scale) and it can be interfaced (with special software) with a computer. With the barcode scanner, prices can be programmed for scanned items for quick recall during sales. The scale option allows for items measured by weight, such as salad, nuts, or candy to be rung into a department configured for scale entry. Two paper tapes provide both journal and register receipts. The receipt function can be turned off to conserve paper. The register comes standard with 20 departments which can be programmed for preset prices as needed. Up to 4 different tax rates are programmable for combinations of state and local tax rates.


Reconfiguration of the A410 pictured includes substitution of selected double-wide keys, reprogramming of the underlying key-space, and programming words to appear on the receipt.

If you are interested in having CAPTEK provide this service, let us know and we’ll assist with designing a layout to fit your needs.

**Includes the usual cost for a one-year warranty extension. However, in some cities where high traffic congestion and parking fees increase costs, prices may be higher. Call for confirmation.

**Includes the usual cost for a one-year warranty extension. However, in some cities where high traffic congestion and parking fees increase costs, prices may be higher. Call for confirmation.