All RETAIL/FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT is voice adapted for easy use by the vision impaired. Adaptation does not interfere with operation as originally intended by the manufacturer.

CAPTEK has more than 40 years of experience adapting equipment for use by the vision impaired. If you don't find the item you're looking for, call to discuss your needs.

Most Master Vendor Items include either custom programming or installation/training. There is therefore a restocking fee charged on items returned for credit or refund.

Spec sheets available on request for most items.



Internal CAPTEK Voice Module speaks clearly with easily accessible controls. Service available on Talaris (DeLaRue) units from nationwide manufacturer's network. Prices include installation as needed. Restocking fees apply.

#1387  CVACP1000 Currency


Standard Warranty: 90 days On Site

$5755.00 S/H incl

#1487  CVACP1000 Currency


Deluxe warranty: Full year on-site.

$6350.00 S/H incl

Feed bill in right-side up or down, left or right. 

Cash Talk draws it through, announces the denomination, and releases the bill on the other side.

Identifies $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bills.

Rejected bill is returned to the feed side.

Volume Control.

Update available when new currency is issued (price varies with age of unit).

The CVACP1000 will also face all bills portrait side up, and then orient the portraits left to right for bundling a bank deposit. Raised buttons have different shapes for easy tactile identification.

The voice output is controlled by a volume control and two push buttons.  When the voice output buttons are pressed and released, simple display updates are spoken.  When the voice output buttons are pressed and held down for several seconds, more detailed reports are spoken.  

#1386 Talaris* CURRENCY COUNTER Price range $3500-$4,000.


A new, similar product will be developed if demand warrants. Interested? Let us know.

The Talaris 8650 Counts up to 2000 notes a minute. It does not recognize money denomination and does not sort notes.

#1361 Captek CASH TALK

            Money Identifier

One Year Factory Warranty

$880.00 S/H incl

No installation required.

The Captek Voice Adapted Currency Processor counts and identifies currency.  In Detect Denomination Mode, a single denomination of currency is sorted into the bottom tray, the other denomination bills are off-sorted to the top tray.


Talaris: formerly DeLaRue and before that Brandt.




New Validator

Because of problems with the validator, we have changed validators and redesigned CASH TALK. If you’ve purchased a unit between 2005 and 2009 and have had or are having problems, please let us know so we can arrange for an appropriate trade-in for a new unit.


#1361 $880.00