Cash Register with Scanner

#1383 Captek Talking Cash Register
      90-day on-site warranty.                          $3150.00 S/H incl
                                                                                  Installation/Training: $275.00

Installation/Training can be arranged by CAPTEK for an additional fee as indicated.

The Samsung SAM4S945 Cash Register with Captek Voice is designed for small retail locations and for food service, including small restaurants and snack shops.

Rear display allows customers to monitor prices as items are entered.

Raised-key keyboard provides 21 keyboard PLU keys, with possible expansion to 63. Large-size keys provide generous space for labels.

Easy-to-load thermal printer provides fast, quiet printing.

Captek Voice System includes speak on/off switch and Talking Journals.

Printer Paper: 2.25" (58mm) thermal, dual station for receipt and journal, available from local dealer or stationery store.
Dimensions: 16.5" wide x 11.8" high x 16.5" deep.
Weight: 25.1 lbs
2 RS-232 Ports Standard. Additional 2 ports optional
THE SAMSUNG SAM4S945 provides ports for two accessories without any loss of speech function. Two additional ports may be added to accommodate additional accessories
#1383/8962 Bar-Code Scanner
3-yr factory warranty    $680.00 S/H incl
1383/8920 Register Scale  
1-yr factory warranty                                 $829.00 S/H incl
Pricing scale connects to the register and transmits price to the display, where it is announced
by the Captek Voice Module.
30 lb capacity. Weighs in pounds or
ounces. Platter: 15" x 11" x 3" h. Weight 14.8 lbs.

1383/8720 Optional Ports: Installation required.
       Purchased with register  $65.00 (installed)
           Purchased Separately $80.00 S/H incl
Provides two extra ports for connection to all three listed accessories, and/or kitchen printer, slip printer, etc


1-yr factory warranty         $930.00 S/H incl
Dispenses change in less than 2 seconds,
improving speed of service with greater
Coin is secured in easy-to-load canister
locked onto the base.
Footprint 9.75" x 6.5" + cup.
Weight 11.25 lbs w/canister, no coin.
Omni-directional scan.
Stand enables hands-free scanning, easy pick-up.
Footprint 2.6" x 2.9". Weight 7 oz

#1383/8950 Telequip Change Dispenser

The Internal CAPTEK Voice Module speaks clearly with easily accessible controls. Local Service is available from regional Cash Register Dealers.