# 1387 Captek Currency Scanner
90-day on-site warranty.            $5720.00 S/H incl
Installation/Training: $300.00
Voice Adapted Masterworks NC5103* Currency Counter/Sorter/Identifier counts 800-1500 bills per minute and can identify the denomination as it counts. In Detect Denomination Mode, a single denomination of currency is sorted into the bottom tray and all non-matching bills are off-sorted into the top tray.

The scanner will also face all bills portrait side up, and then orient the portraits left to right for bundling a bank deposit.

Raised buttons have different shapes for easy tactile identification. Top folds back from base for easy cleaning or clearing of jams.

*factory designation, formerly Amrotec

The voice output is controlled by a volume control and three push buttons. When the voice output buttons are pressed and released, simple display updates are spoken. When the voice output buttons are pressed and held for several seconds, more detailed reports are spoken. The scanner is 13x13x13.8" and weighs 33 lbs.

The Internal CAPTEK Voice Module
speaks clearly with easily accessible controls.
Bill Identifier
#1361 Captek CASH TALK Bill Identifier
          1 year factory warranty

 $920.00 S/H incl

Feed the bill in right-side up or down, left or right. Cash Talk draws it through, announces the denomination and releases the bill on the other side.

Cash Talk is 5.75"w x 4.5" d x 7.5" h. Weight 2.9 lbs.

Identifies $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. Rejected bills are returned to the feed side.

Voice Controls top to bottom:
     Mode Status
     Speak Report

Local service is available from a nationwide network. Installation/Training can be arranged by Captek for an additional fee. Restocking fees apply.