Captek has adapted a wide variety of Legal-for-Trade Scales, from Jeweler's scales that weigh in milligrams to  freight scales that weigh in thousands of pounds. The voice system announces the display from either a built-in system, or from a small box connected to the scale by cable. Scales carry factory warranties from Captek and/or the manufacturer. Restocking fees apply.

Pricing Scale

Platform Scale

Food Portion Scale

Custom Scales
#1392 CAS 2000Jr Pricing Scale

    1-Year factory warranty                   $1645.00 S/H incl

The CAS Pricing Scale weighs up to 15 pounds, accurate to .01 pounds. Display readings are announced by the built-in Captek Voice system.

Capacity for 12 Price Look Ups (PLUs) for auto-pricing of up to 12 items.

Operates on internal rechargeable battery. Adapter/charger included.

The Pricing Scale may be programmed to
present total price based on weight, or the price
per pound may be entered manually. Controls for built-in speech unit are conveniently located for volume, speak, and to toggle between weight-price-total and weight only. It reads in pounds, ounces, or kilograms. Platform 12" x 8.75".
Footprint 13" x 13" x 4.2". Weight: 10 lbs.

On request, #1392 Cas 2000Jr Pricing Scale with Voice may be provided with 30 pound or 60 pound maximum weight.

#1394 Doran Portion Scale
        1-Year factory warranty                                   $1645.00 S/H incl

Plug-in box contains the voice module with volume control. Display is spoken automatically when scale reaches equilibrium.

Auxiliary Voice Module plugs into the display unit, both of which may be mounted on a shelf or wall at a convenient height.


If you have a weight problem, let us help you solve it!

Captek has adapted a variety of scales: jewelers', counting, freight, and various weight capacities. If it's a type of scale we've done before, the cost will be similar to our stock scales. If you need something new and different, we're happy to evaluate it at no cost to you and to provide an estimate for adaptation to speech.

The Doran Portion Scale weighs in selectable ounces or grams and announces the weight as it appears in the display.

Weight may be selected for 5 or 10 pounds maximum, with accuracy to .05 or.1 oz respectively.

The Platform is 6.5 in x 6.5 in.

Rechargeable battery and adapter included.

#1395 Platform Scale 132 lb Capacity
      1-Year factory warranty            $1645.00 S/H incl

The My Weigh HDCS-60 Platform Scale with Voice provides an open platform to accommodate large or small objects for easy weighing.

Weighs in pounds (.05 resolution)  
          or Kilograms (.02).
Power: AC Adapter (included) or
          6 AA cells (not included.
Platform size 16" x 14"